Q:  What is ScissorSource?

 A:  ScissorSource is the preferred source for learning Japanese-style shear sharpening and the most comprehensive source for purchasing high-tech haircutting tools on the Web.

Q:  How much money can be made sharpening scissors?

 A:  $20-$35 for each pair of haircutting scissors you sharpen.

Q:  How long is the sharpening course?

 A:  One, two, three or four days, depending on your needs or particular circumstance. You'll learn the art and technique of Hikari-style shear sharpening, and afterward we will provide tech support for as long as you need it. All the equipment you'll need will be included in the training package (unless you don't need those things).

Q:  Where does the training take place?

 A:  Our three main training locations are: St. Augustine, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia; and Nashville, Tennessee. We'll also possibly travel to your location.

Q:  What else should I know?

 A:  Before you spend an insane amount of money trying to learn the technique and art of Japanese-style sharpening, contact us.

Before you spend an even insaner amount of money for a training course with nonexistent exclusive territorial rights and a big pile of over-priced shears you'll never sell at the list price, contact us.

ScissorsSource specializes in training new shear sharpeners and in re-training sharpeners who've been trained using other methods and who know they aren't quite capable of duplicating factory work.

We'll help you, and we'll help you inexpensively and quickly, and get you back out sharpening and doing it right—even if you've been doing it wrong for years.

Call us to discuss what program (one, two, three or four days) will be right for you. We can re-train you on your machine, or on ours, depending on your particular situation. We'll also give you our contacts to nearly every brand of shears, razors, combs, clips, leather cases, salon garments, etc., on the planet. For real.

Call or text us at 678-779-7374


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And for you hairstylists (and friends and relatives of hairstylists, looking for a great gift for that favorite hairstylist)... we sell and sharpen the following brands of scissors / shears:

Aikyo, Akkohs, Asper, Auro, B.W., Buttercut, Dovo, Fan Out, Fuji, Haiku, Hikari, Joewell, K-MZ, Kasho, Kenchii, Kikui, Kouho, Matsuzaki, Mizutani, Nic, Omega, RA, Sensei, Shisato, Subi, Tara, Tenyo, Utopia, Utsumi (U&U), Vern Airback, Y.S. Park, Yasaka, Yamato

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